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Technology Leaders Give You Peace of Mind

Jun 24

Written by: Saturday, June 25, 2016 2:42:50 AM 

Technology Leaders Give You Peace of Mind

Top-of-the-line security keeps your business safe.

By Lennie Omalza

Technological advances open up a world of opportunity for businesses, providing ways to get products and services to customers as efficiently as possible. Unfortunately, new technology offers more opportunity to hackers, too. These cyber criminals are stealing information and installing dangerous malware, creating problems — such as removing valuable data or disabling programs — that have the potential to shut a company down.

Though some businesses in Hawaii have a basic security plan in place, most don't have a dedicated team that can detect unusual network activity and quickly respond to it. "That's what we bring to the table," says Dave Morris, Senior Manager of Product Management and Managed Services at Hawaiian Telcom. "Without monitoring capabilities, you probably won't see signs of an attack before it happens. We have the toolset and the people to identify these things as they happen ."

The Managed Services team at Hawaiian Telcom is comprised of some of the top security professionals in the state. These pros also mentor high school and college students, ensuring the security industry in the Islands continues to thrive and giving local businesses the opportunity to help one another. "We want to share the security gospel with the state of Hawaii," says Matt Freeman, who is also a Senior Manager in the Managed Services department. He encourages business owners and managers to educate themselves by setting up a cyber security consultation with Hawaiian Telcom. Because every business has varying needs, there's no cookie-cutter solution to protect from cyber crimes; Managed Services can provide a customized security plan and monitoring solution to prevent future attacks or stop current ones in their track. "We keep our fingers on the pulse," says Morris, explaining that their dedicated staff provides services around the clock, always ready to respond to any unusual activity.

Whether they're working with a retail, financial or health sector business, the Managed Services team at Hawaiian Telcom is committed to providing a comprehensive security solution. They will help you to be prepared, have a plan and respond if and when the time comes.

For more information on Hawaiian Telcom’s Managed Security Services, please contact 643-0936.