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Bring Your Own Device - Rewarding or Risky?

Feb 2

Written by: Wednesday, February 3, 2016 12:05:49 AM 

Many people in your organization have purchased exciting, new gadgets that recently hit the market. From smartphones to the latest tablets, these devices may soon appear in your workplace as part of a growing trend called Bring Your Own Device (BYOD), but will it suit your company?

There are many positives to BYOD, starting with the fact that your company may reduce expenditures on business hardware. Employees are also already familiar with their personal devices and like the added convenience of being able to connect to their work wherever they may be. BYOD can definitely have a positive impact on productivity.

On the negative side, using personal smartphones and tablets to access your company's network and send confidential documents can create vulnerabilities. Devices can be lost or infected by malicious apps more readily than dedicated business computers.

At Hawaiian Telcom, we can help you implement BYOD the right way with solutions such as Desktop as a Service to provide secure access to your employees' work desktops from any device. Files live on a virtual desktop, not a personal device, so lost or stolen devices won't pose a threat to your business. We can also guide you through the creation of new policies and procedures for your company to implement a successful BYOD plan.

See what our SmartBusinessSM solutions can do for you.

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