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Assessing the Effectiveness of Your Technology

Feb 3

Written by: Wednesday, February 3, 2016 10:01:21 AM 

You invest in technology to operate your business, but do you really know how effective it is? As Hawaii’s Technology Leader, Hawaiian Telcom encourages you to conduct a start of the year assessment to determine your current state of technology and prepare your business for growth.

First, review the software and hardware that is used to stop cyber intruders and monitor intrusion attempts and examine how the risk could affect your business. Note what needs to be fixed and how much you want to invest to reduce these risks. Create a plan to quickly recover data and restore service after a breach and test your backups.

Then, examine whether your technology is outdated and no longer meets your needs. Your technology should have the ability to grow with your company, so it may be wise to outsource your IT services to an expert like Hawaiian Telcom. We offer scalable technology solutions that can help you today and in the future.

Consider virtual colocation. Can you afford to keep storing your data? Not only does virtual colocation protect your data from natural and manmade disasters, it spares you the cost and complexity of maintaining your own data center. You can remotely control your infrastructure without enduring the burden of vendor contracts, bandwidth overages, penalties or downtime.

As a technology expert, Hawaiian Telcom can help improve your business in all these areas and even conduct your yearly review for you. If you’d like a personalized business assessment, click here.

Paul Krueger is Vice President of Business Sales and Product Marketing at Hawaiian Telcom.

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