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Are you doing enough to ensure your company’s security?

Dec 15

Written by: Tuesday, December 15, 2015 7:08:09 PM 

People often view information security as a technical problem for the IT staff to worry about. In reality, safeguarding intellectual property, sensitive customer information, financial data and the systems that keep your business running is a company-wide responsibility. As a leader, you can protect your business by thinking and talking about security in terms of risk management and how it affects your company’s goals.

Security incidents are a company-wide issue because they have serious financial, legal, operational and strategic consequences. Small businesses are likely to spend $82,000 as a result of a security breach and larger enterprises average ten times that. Failure to comply with regulations for protected data can result in additional fines and legal troubles. Security breaches also affect credibility because, when data is compromised, it can damage a company’s reputation. These risks are real—74% of companies have already experienced a security breach, and businesses of all sizes are being attacked, with smaller companies often seen as the easiest targets.

The greatest security risk of all is not taking any action. Conducting a structured IT risk assessment enables you to identify what should be protected, understand the risks to your business and make informed choices. Technical controls such as firewalls, antivirus software and backup solutions should be implemented along with security policies, response and recovery plans and end user training. Working with a partner gives you the opportunity to work with an expert who can identify your company’s vulnerabilities, implement solutions and continue to monitor the results.

Hawaiian Telcom is a local partner you can trust. We have the knowledge, capabilities and staff that can provide the services and technology to secure your business. We invite you to get a free introductory assessment from one of our expert security advisors.

Dave Morris is the Senior Product Manager, Security and Managed Services at Hawaiian Telcom