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A smarter way to manage work computers: Desktop as a Service

Dec 14

Written by: Tuesday, December 15, 2015 9:07:41 AM 

Imagine being able to work form anywhere – at the office, home, the local café or on the go. Now you can with Desktop as a Service (DaaS) by SystemMetrics, a Hawaiian Telcom company. DaaS is a virtualized desktop.

Instead of files and applications being stored on each employee’s individual computer, Desktop as a Service (DaaS) stores the entire desktop environment in the Cloud. With DaaS, whenever your employee needs to access their work desktop, they can log in on any device (laptop, computer, mobile devices, etc.) and see all of their apps and files. DaaS provides secure virtual computing accessible from anywhere, anytime.

DaaS is just one of the many business services we offer at SystemMetrics, a Hawaiian Telcom Company.

There are many advantages to using DaaS:

  1. Access your desktop from any device, anywhere. All you need is an Internet connection and you’ll be able to run any of your business programs and access all your files.
  2. No large upfront costs. Instead of spending large sums of money to upgrade each company computer with the latest operating system, software, etc., automatic updates and upgrades are built into a simple once-a-month subscription.
  3. Get up and running faster. Pick and choose the programs that you want on each employee’s computer (for example, Microsoft Office Suite, instant messaging programs, project management programs, etc.) and SystemMetrics will build out that desktop environment for each user.
  4. Security. Your employees will no longer need to download confidential company information on personal devices that can be hacked, lost or stolen. Plus, desktop environments are housed in SystemMetrics’ Class A secured data center.

SystemMetrics allows you to enjoy the many benefits of desktop virtualization without having to acquire, build and manage your own infrastructure. We provide the virtual desktop and hosted apps, while managing all of your updates and support needs. With all these benefits, why not let our certified staff of experts help your business work smarter for you?

For more details, call us today at 791-7770.