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Hawaii’s Technology Leader

We’re always investing and upgrading to bring you the most comprehensive and advanced technology, entertainment and connectivity in Hawaii.

Hawaiian Telcom

Dedicated to serving Hawaii, our home.

About Hawaiian Telcom

Over the last two decades our mission has evolved dramatically. First in the area of communications – Internet, wireless, and data transmission – and then into broader digital applications that improve our customers’ worlds every day, whether they’re residential, business or government. Hawaiian Telcom has become deeply engaged in a wide variety of new products and services. From the fiber that feeds your 4G wireless network to digital television. From VoIP Hosted Voice to virtual colocation. From enabling new office towers with fiber for greater connectivity to laying new undersea cables across the Pacific to Asia. Today, Hawaiian Telcom is offering 1 Gig broadband service, providing state-of-the-art cloud services for businesses, and expanding Hawaii’s largest next-generation fiber network. We employ more than 1,300 technology, communications and customer service professionals.

We serve Hawai‘i, our home. And we’ll continue to serve Hawai‘i as we grow and expand.

All of us at Hawaiian Telcom are proud to be recognized as Hawaii’s Technology Leader. Read more about Hawaiian Telcom.

Local Customer Service

Your “Always on” service is brought to you by more than 1,300 technology experts. Their combined expertise is available 24/7, 365 days a year, through our local Network Operations Center and Customer Support group.

Investment in Hawaii's Future

We have invested and continue to invest millions in our people, in system improvements and in the networks that serve Hawaii - including fiber, undersea cable, copper and the foundation of the 4G wireless network.

Our Technology Blog

Hawaiian Telcom experts and partners share information on the latest advances and breakthroughs in the ever changing technology landscape.

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Our Tattoo Patterns

These distinctive tattoo patterns honor our Hawaiian heritage. The flowing, intricate shapes also reflect the connectivity that we bring to the people and places of Hawaii. Local artist Che Pilago discusses the inspiration behind his designs.