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HSN Shop By Remote FAQs

Last Updated Nov 2016

HSN Shop by Remote® FAQs


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Q1. What do I need to do to use HSN Shop by Remote?

A1. All Hawaiian Telcom TV subscribers have access to HSN Shop by Remote app. Tune to Channel 16 to launch the Shop by Remote app. You must have an existing HSN account to place an order using the Shop by Remote app.


Q2. What functions are not offered through Shop by Remote?

A2. The Shop by Remote self-service method is set up to handle basic ordering steps. Options not yet available through Shop by Remote include:

  • Changing payment method
  • Redeeming a gift certificate, Spendable Ka$h or coupon
  • Delivery Direct ordering
  • Canceling an order
  • Checking order status

Q3. What payment options are available to Shop by Remote customers?

A3. Shop by Remote purchases will be charged to the primary credit card on your existing HSN account. To bill to another credit card, contact HSN Customer Service at 1-800-436-6464.


Q4. How can I check the status of my HSN Shop by Remote order?

A4. Click on “Order Status” at (link: or call HSN Customer Service at 1-800-436-6464. If you've signed up for HSN Customer Alerts on through email or mobile, you’ll receive order confirmation according to the terms of your HSN subscription.


Q5. What is the HSN Shop by Remote cancellation policy?

A5. To cancel an order, call HSN Customer Service at 1-800-436-6464.


Q6. What does the message "HSN Shop by Remote is not available right now" mean?

A6. HSN Shop by Remote may become unavailable at times when we are performing updates to improve your customer experience. Please continue to check back, as it will become available again shortly.


Q7. How can I get information about an error message I received?

A7. Please call HSN Customer Service at 1-800-436-6464 for assistance.