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Voicemail Upgrade

Hawaiian Telcom gives you peace of mind knowing that you’ll always get your messages. Hawaiian Telcom Voicemail provides reliability and flexibility that an answering machine can’t. It not only records messages when you’re unavailable to answer the phone, Hawaiian Telcom Voicemail also takes messages while you’re faxing, on the phone, or using dial-up Internet. Not to mention, it provides wake-up service, reminder messages and best of all, continues to work in the event of a phone or power outage.

Here is some information about the upgrade of your voicemail service:

Download the Quick Start Guide

Download the User Guide

When Will My Upgrade Happen

To find out the day your upgrade is scheduled, fill out the following form

New Features After The Voicemail Upgrade

  • There will be only one statewide toll free access number to call and retrieve messages: 643-MAIL (6245)
FEATURE HOME VM BASIC (Formerly My Messages & Communication Station) HOME VM (Formerly Communication Station Plus) HOME VM PLUS (New) Available April 1
Maximum Greeting Length [seconds] - The maximum length, in seconds, of your personal or alternate greeting. 300 300 300
Maximum Number of Messages - The maximum number of messages that you can have in your mailbox. Once this number is reached, you will not be able to receive additional voicemail messages. 20 30 50
Minimum Passcode Length - The minimum length of your passcode (aka PIN) for your mailbox. 4 4 4
Maximum Passcode Length - The maximum length of your passcode (aka PIN) for your mailbox. 8 8 8
Maximum Message Length [seconds] - The maximum length, in seconds, of the message a caller can leave in your mailbox. If the caller is reaching the "Max Message Length" while leaving a message in your mailbox, he/she will hear a warning that the limit is approaching. 180 180 180
Maximum Message Storage Time [hours] - The time period, in hours, after which you will be required to save or delete a message in your mailbox. 720 720 unlimited
Expiring Message Warning [days] - When enabled, you will receive a warning when you log into your mailbox that you are reaching the maximum amount of time that a message can be held in your mailbox. 2 2 2
Maximum Number of Personal Distribution Lists - The number of distribution lists your mailbox can have available for Record/Send. N/A 5 7
Maximum Distribution Size - The number of “destinations” your personal distribution list can have within it. NOTE: A distribution list can contain other distribution lists (i.e., nesting). N/A 25 100
Name Greeting - Your recorded name which is used for some system greetings and to identify you in mail lists and header information Hawaiian Telcom Voicemail subscribers hear when receiving a message from you. Yes Yes Yes
Personal Greeting - Allows you to record a message (greeting) that is played to all callers prior to the caller leaving a message. You can determine which name or greeting is active. Yes Yes Yes
Alternate (Personal-2) Greeting - Allows you to record an alternate greeting that is played to all callers prior to the caller leaving a message. Yes Yes Yes
Forward/Reply Messages - "Reply" allows you to send a reply back to the sender with a copy of the original message attached. "Forward" allows you to send a copy of the message to other Hawaiian Telcom Voicemail subscribers. Yes Yes Yes
Record/Send Messages - You can record a message and then address the message to one or more destinations either using the keypad or an established distribution list that you create. Yes Yes Yes
Return Receipt - When you Forward, Reply or Record/Send a message, you may request confirmation when the message is delivered. Yes Yes Yes
Private Messages - Prevents your messages from being forwarded beyond the intended mailbox. Yes Yes Yes
Future Delivery – Set a date and time in the future to a Reply, Forward or Record/Send a message. Yes Yes Yes
Personal Operator - After the greeting is played, the caller is prompted to press [0] or to remain on the line and leave a message. If the caller presses [0], a call is placed to a predetermined number. No Yes Yes
Outbound Call Notification (Special Delivery) - When enabled, the voicemail system calls a number you’ve selected to notify you that a new message has been left in your mailbox. Yes Yes Yes
Pager, Text & Email Notification (IP Based) - This option allows you to enable or disable new message notification via pager, text or email. You may select the type of messages to be notified about; none, urgent new messages only or all new messages. Yes Yes Yes
Reminder Service - Send yourself a reminder on a specific date and time. You choose how often to send the message - just once, just on weekdays or weekends, or every day. Reminders contain personally recorded messages that are played upon answer and can be scheduled up to 365 days in advance Yes Yes Yes
Wake-Up Call - Allows you to schedule a Wake-Up call for weekdays or weekends. Wake-Up calls are scheduled for a specific time and up to one year out. You may change the dates and times at any point. Wake-Up calls contain a system recorded message. Yes Yes Yes
Individual Mailbox - When enabled, the main mailbox will allow for individual mailboxes under the main mailbox. No Yes Yes
Return Call - While listening to a specific message, you can call back the person that sent it to you. When you’re done with the call, you’ll return to the same place you were at in your voicemail box. Yes Yes Yes
Undelete (Recover) Message - This option allows you to recover all messages that have been deleted during the current session (not including Expired Message deletion) from the Post Playback Menu. Once the session is over, the messages cannot be retrieved. Yes Yes Yes
Web Interface - Provides you with a web interface for management of messages and administration of select features. Yes Yes Yes


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