Netscape 6/7 Email Account Setup

Netscape 6/7 Email Account Setup

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Steps showing how to setup a Hawaiian Telcom e-mail account with Netscape 6.0 or 7.0.


Netscape 6/7 Setup

1. First open Netscape.

2. Select Edit from the main menu then click Mail & Newsgroups Account Settings...


4. Click Add Account... while Local folders is selected then click OK

5. Select the Email Account option then hit Next >

6. Enter your full name in the field labeled Your Name

7. In the field labeled Email Address type your Hawaiian Telcom E-mail Address, then click Next >

8. Select POP as the incoming server type

9. For the field labeled Incoming Server type

10. For the field labeled Outgoing Server put

11. Make sure all information is correct then click Next >

 12. In the box for your User Name put you Hawaiian Telcom E-mail Address then click Next >

13. In the box for the Account Name type you Hawaiian Telcom E-mail Address then click Next > to continue

14. Click Finish

15. Click Outgoing Server (SMTP)

16. Verify that the box labeled Use name and password is checked

17. For your User Name put your Hawaiian Telcom E-mail address

18. Check the Never option under the Use secure connection (SSL) message

19. Lastly click Finish to finalize and exit the setup