Fixing Your Open Relay Acocunt in Entourage 11

Fixing Your Open Relay Acocunt in Entourage 11

Article Date: 09/15/2009

Article Quick Summary

These steps will show you how to configure the settings on your e-mail address other than your address (formerly This could be hosted domains such as or web mail addresses such as you may be using a Verizon Open Relay SMTP address to send email. Read the steps below for detailed instructions on how to fix this issue in Entourage 11.


Entourage 11 Configure

1. Begin with opening Entourage

2. Click on the Entourage menu and click Account Settings...

3. Click on the Hawaiian Telcom account and click the Edit icon at the top

4. You will only need to change your SMTP Server information from to

5. Next click on the Click here for advanced sending options button

6. You will only need to add to the end of your pre-existing Account ID. DO NOT CHANGE YOUR PASSWORD

7. Click OK to accept all changes and finalize the configuration