Fixing Your Open Relay Account in Eudora 5/6

Fixing Your Open Relay Account in Eudora 5/6

Article Date: 09/15/2009

Article Quick Summary

These steps will show you how to configure the settings on your e-mail address other than your address (formerly This could be hosted domains such as or web mail addresses such as you may be using a Verizon Open Relay SMTP address to send email. Read the steps below for detailed instructions on how to fix this issue in Eudora 5/6.


Eudora 5/6 Configure

1. First open up Eudora

2. Click Tools in the main pull-down menu then select Options...

3. You will only need to change your SMTP Server (Outgoing) information from to

4. Be sure that the Allow_authentication option is checked and that you add to your current user  name in the Personality menu under Tools in the main menu

5. To finalize the configuration click OK