Eudora 5/6 for Mac OSX Account Setup

Eudora 5/6 for Mac OSX Account Setup

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Here are a few steps that will show you how to set up a Hawaiian Telcom e-mail acocunt in Eudora 5.0/6.0 for Mac OSX.


Eudora 5/6 for MAC Setup

1. Begin by opening Eudora

2. The first time Eudora starts it will ask if you want to Use the system keychain to store your passwords safely, click Yes

3. This will bring you to the Welcome to Eudora! screen mentioning the type of licensing Eudora comes with, If you have purchased a licence, click the Enter Code button and enter your licensing key, otherwise, click the OK button to enter into Sponsored mode

4. If you clicked on OK in the last screen, the Eudora Junk mail plug-ins notification will let you know that the Junk mail plug-ins have been disabled, click OK to continue

5. This next screen will ask you if you would like to import settings and mail from another application, click NO

6. If Eudora is not your default mail handler, this screen will pop up asking if you wish to set it as your default mail program, if this screen comes up click Yes

7. Enter your Hawaiian Telcom E-mail Address in the User Name field

8. Enter for the Mail Server field