Eudora 5/6 Email Account Setup

Eudora 5/6 E-mail Account Setup

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These steps will show you how to set up a new Hawaiian Telcom e-mail account in Eudora 5 & 6.


Eudora 5/6 Setup

1. Begin by opening up Eudora

2. Click Next >

3. Select the Create a brand new email account option then click Next >

4. Enter your full name then click Next >

5. Enter your Hawaiian Telcom E-mail Address then click Next >

6. Enter your Hawaiian Telcom E-mail Address as your User Name then click Next >

7. For the Incoming Server field put

8. Be sure that the type of server option underneath is selected as POP

9. Click Next >

10. For the Outgoing Server field enter

11. Make sure the Allow Authentication box is checked then click Next >

12. Lastly click Finish to finalize the setup