How to Create an Email Alias

How To Create an Email Alias

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Learn how to create an email alias with your account. Each Hawaiian Telcom High-Speed Internet email account (including sub accounts) can have up to 1 email alias.


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Step 1 

  • Go to
    • NOTE:
      Each email account (including sub-accounts) can have 1 alias.
      An Alias is simply another address for the same box, not an additional separate account. If someone sends an email to an alias, it’ll be delivered to the account to which it’s aliased.

Step 2

  • Enter your Email Address
  • Enter your Password
  • Click LOG IN 

Step 3 

  • Click Manage HT Email

Step 4  

  • Enter your Email Address
  • Enter your Password
  • Click Sign In


Step 5  

  • Click Set Aliases


Step 6  

  • Enter your NEW ALIAS
    Click GO


Step 7  

  • You’ve successfully created an alias for your email account.