Hawaiian Telcom FAQs

Hawaiian Telcom: Frequently asked questions

We've put together a list of some of the more common questions along with answers:

Q. I had my POP3 account set to leave a copy of my emails on the server, but now I can’t find them. Where did they go?

A. In an effort to avoid any duplication for locally downloaded POP3 accounts we have placed all your old existing email into a new folder. If you logon to your webmail account at www.hawaiiantel.net after June 14th you will find all your pre-existing emails in the Inbox_Old folder. Please note that if you wish to put the older email files into your current inbox they will be downloaded to your local account as duplicates. Depending on the size of your inbox prior to the upgrade moving these files to your new inbox and therefore duplicating them locally on your PC may cause your email client to crash. It is recommended that you either keep the files located in the Inbox_Old folder or migrate them slowly; allowing your local client to receive the files at a decent rate.

Q. Why is Hawaiian Telcom making this change? A. We have a new and improved email service with an enhanced webmail application and some great new features such as anti-spam management and a drag-and-drop user interface. Visit our tutorials to learn more.

Q. How to I access my My OhanaZone now? A. If you want to continue to manage your My OhanaZone account you can login here

Q. When is this change going to happen? A. The migration process will begin in the afternoon on Friday, June 13th and should be completed by the following morning on Saturday, June 14th.

Q. Is my email address changing? A. No. There is no change to your email address.

Q. What do I need to do? A. The great news is that you are not required to do anything. The upgrade will happen by itself, without requiring anything to be changed on your computer or in your settings. Your email address, aliases and passwords will not change.

Q. I don't use webmail. How will this affect me? A. If you use an email program like Outlook Express or Apple Mail, you probably won't notice any difference, except that reliability, speed and performance will be improved. If you use IMAP there will be a delay before all of your messages on the server will be displayed as the migration progresses. During the migration, all messages copied over to the new email system should be available on June 14th.

Q. How will I know when I'm on the new email system? A. If you log into webmail, you'll notice a dramatically improved webmail experience. If you use an email program like Outlook Express or Apple Mail, you probably won't notice any difference, except that reliability, speed and performance will be improved.

Q. What will happen to my mail? A. Don't worry. All mail stored on the server will be moved to the upgraded service. All the mail on your computer will still be accessible as well. There will be a period where any messages stored on the email server will be copied over to the new email server. During this time you will still have access to new messages and you will be able send normally, but messages that were on the old email server will slowly trickle in. You will have all of your messages available on June 14th.

Q. What about my contacts? Your contacts (if they are stored online, in webmail) will be copied over to the new webmail server. If you use a program such as Outlook Express or Apple Mail to manage your contacts you will not be affected. The upgrade has no impact on any data stored on your own computer.

Q. What about my calendar events? A. Calendar events and data will not be moved. The new, improved calendar is not compatible with the current calendar. You should make a note of any data in your current calendar so you can add it to the new calendar once the upgrade is complete.

Q. What about my message filters? A. Any message filters you may have on the email program on your computer (like Outlook Express or Apple Mail) will continue to function as usual. If you have created filters within webmail, you will have to re-create them once you start using the new webmail program.

Q. Where is my spam? A. If you usually get your email using a desktop program like Outlook Express, or Apple Mail, you'll notice that spam is no longer delivered to your inbox. Instead, email that is classified as spam is delivered to a spam folder. To review messages quarantined as spam, you'll have to log into webmail. Once there, click on the spam folder to review your spam. IMAP users will be able to access the spam folder from their Email program.

Q. Where can I see how this new webmail works? A. You can view webmail tutorials to learn how to do some of the most common, day-to-day tasks in webmail.

Q. What if I need more help learning to use the new webmail? A. Once the new webmail is available, an extensive help library can be found right inside of webmail. Just login and click the "?" link in the upper-right corner.

Q. How can I backup old email files that are on the webmail server to my local computer before the upgrade? A. If you would like to download all the emails being held in your inbox on the webmail servers to your local computer before the upgrade begins on Friday you can set up a POP3 account using an email client such as Outlook or Mac Mail. For more information on setting up POP3 account click here. PLEASE NOTE THOUGH that if you do choose to set up a POP3 account prior to the email upgrade you will want to check the current folder size of your webmail account. Anyone with folder sizes above 20Mb should not consider this option as it may cause your email client and possibly your computer to crash. If you only need to read old email during the upgrade window you can login to either mail.old.hawaiiantel.net (Residential Customers) or mail.old.hawaiiantel.biz (Business Customers) to see your old emails. DNS customer (i.e. info@yourdomain.com) will not have this option though. If you are a DNS customer and need to view your old email during the upgrade window please call 643-4375 for more information.