Connecting to a Wireless Network - Windows Vista

Connecting to a Wireless Network - Windows Vista

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Learn how to connect your Windows Vista device to a wireless network.


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Step 1 

  • Click on the wireless icon located in the bottom right hand corner of your desktop screen

Step 2 

  • Click "Connect to a network"

Step 3 

  • Locate and select your wireless network from the network list by clicking on the name of the network.

Step 4

  • Click "Connect

Step 5 

  • Enter your network password
  • Click “Connect

Step 6  

  • Wait for your computer to connect to your wireless network

Step 7 

  • You’ve successfully connected to your wireless network.
  • Click “Close

Step 8 (this step is optional)  

  • Choose the type of network  you are connected to
  • To skip this step, click “Cancel”