Webmail Settings

Webmail Settings

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You can set a number of mail settings by clicking on the Mail option in the Settings area:


Setup - Generic mail settings:

general webmail settings

  • Name: the name that appears on outgoing email messages.
  • Reply-to address: if you would like to have replies sent to a different email address, enter it here.
  • Forwarding: allows you to enter an email address to have all mail forwarded to another email account.
  • Forwarding settings: allows you to choose how forwarded mail is handled.
  • Save sent messages: allows you to choose whether to save copies of sent messages in the sent items folder.

Vacation - Vacation/Out of office settings

webmail setup

  • Vacation Auto Reply Message: enter a message that you want automatically sent in reply to incoming email messages.
  • Enable vacation message: check the box to enable automatic replies.


change webmail settings

  • Type a text signature for your email messages: text is automatically added to the end of each mail message you send.
  • Enable signature: checking this box enables the addition of the signature text.